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Update on Join the fight to protect London's drinking water against HS2

Dear Backers, 

HS2 Ltd substantive injunction hearing took place last week at the high court property division, and as yet the judgement has not been published. I will up-date you as soon as this is released.

HS2 have applied to increase the area of injunction yet again and to seek costs against named defendants. Before the case my barrister negotiated a consent order with HS2 which I have signed so I am no longer a named defendant. My evidence was adopted by another defendant and brought to the attention of the judge, Justice Holland, who said that he would read the expert witness report provided by a local water chemist. This report sheds doubt on the robustness of HS2 water risk assessments as the Align Ltd Water Risk Assessment failed to include the Special Site of Contamination, the (known) underground pollution plume, or the effects of leachate on corrosion rates. 

In court the HS2 barrister stated that the works in the Colne Valley would take 4 years but are only seeking the interim injunction for 2 years as by then they believe that the tree felling and vegetation clearance will be completed and resistance will subside.

However works for the Colne Valley Viaduct could take much longer as the plans are to pile drive through 5 lakes, move two rivers, close at least one water pumping station and build numerous roads including a construction road right across the lakes in the place of the viaduct. No consent for the viaduct has been granted by Hillingdon Council and this has been taken by HS2 Ltd as a refusal to which they have appealed.

Please sign and share the petition below in support of Council's refusal to grant consent for the viaduct, on the grounds of lack of information regarding our water supplies.

Many Thanks


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