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Update on Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown


We are getting close to the Court case. We have almost finished our judicial review case (some 60 pages long). This will be published on the site in the next few days along with the Govt letter. We thought it best to put them both up there at the same time so you will be able to see our response to their points.

In order to help show the Court how much support we have for this action and how many people have been affected by the lockdown, we would like to demonstrate this by providing some examples for use in our case.

If you are prepared to allow your names and the county/ city in which you live to be used for these purposes (our legal team will not give out your email or contact details to anyone else without your prior permission) then please can you email us urgently with the following information:

1. Do you live in England? If so, in which town or county?

2. Do you have any family (such as parents, grandparents etc) or friends who you have not been able to visit due to the lockdown measures?

3. Do you have any school age children whose education has been affected by the closure of schools during the lockdown?

4. If you can, please provide details of how many children you have and their ages (if you prefer not to answer this question at all or just to say how many children you have please feel free to give as much or as little of this information as you like).

5. Have you been prevented from attending any religious services due to the lockdown?

6. Would you have been willing to attend a protest about the lockdown had it not been for the Government's restrictions banning all gatherings?

7. Do you own, run or work for a business that has been closed due to the lockdown measures?

If you could email our legal team at with your answers to these questions it would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks again for all the kind donations, and just as importantly the comments you make - they really do help to motivate.

Finally, I have read in some of the comments about contacting me directly - I'm afraid this CrowdJustice system only allows me to do blanket emails so I can't reply individually, but if you want to message me, my Direct Messages on Twitter are always open, so please do drop me a line there if you wish.


Disclaimer: CrowdJustice sends out emails on behalf of Case Owners so that they can keep you updated about their case. The content of this email is drafted by them and CrowdJustice is not responsible for its contents.
We don't share your contact details with Case Owners, but if you want to get directly in touch with them, please reply to this email with the subject line Please forward to the Case Owner.

Our mailing address is: 45 - 47 Clerkenwell Green London EC1R 0EB